SBR Swim Squads and Private Swim Lessons

We are passionate about swimming & we love seeing you become a more efficient swimmer!

We offer swim coaching within our uniquely supportive environment for adults between the ages of 18 and 80, whether you are a novice or professional triathlete.

Alongside our weekly squad sessions that cover all your training needs for any freestyle event, we offer our premium one to one Video Analysis and Private Swim Sessions, including Adults Learn to Swim, for those who like to have little extra special attention for their stroke technique.

If you want the highest quality swim coaching and are serious about improving your enjoyment and swimming efficiency for whatever purpose, then SBR Swim Coaching is for you!



  • Coaching is based on the world renowned Swim Smooth methods, that focuses on specific swimming fitness and individual swimming technique.
    A variety of swimming sessions each week to cover all your training needs.
    Tuesday– Technique Session with drills that correct stroke flaws in your swim. Thursday – CSS based endurance sets that build your swim fitness.
    Friday – CSS/Endurance a challenging 90-minute session to focus on pacing and the ability to sustain your technique over long distances.
  • High quality professional coaching
  • Regular benchmarking to demonstrate your improvement, that will happen!
  • Stroke correction and development feedback
  • Squad numbers managed to maximize opportunity for quality training
  • Fun & social squad that includes some positive competition!

To get the most out of these sessions you should ideally be able to swim 200m of freestyle continuously. Swimmers will be grouped in the lanes according to their individual pace; from the novices and improvers, right up to the advanced swimmers. If you are still in doubt give us a call and we can work out the best option for you to take your swimming to next level!


WHEN: Tuesday/Thursday – Noon-1 p.m. and Friday 7:00-8:30 a.m.
Swim yardage Mon/Wed 800-2500 yards and Friday’s 1.5 hour session- 1000-4000 yards!
WHERE: Racquet Club of Irvine, 5 Ethel Coplen Way, Irvine
COST: Monthly cost is just $80 for 8-classes and $120 for 12 classes

  • Join for 2 months SAVE $10
  • Join for 3 months SAVE $20
  • SBR Training PASS Members SAVE an Additional 10%
  • Drop-ins $20 per session – Training Pass Members – $15 per session
    Come check out the program- First Class is FREE!

WHEN: Tues and Thurs 7 – 8 a.m.
WHERE: Merage JCC, 1 Federation Way, Irvine
COST: $109 – Note: Must be a JCC Member to join. Register at the JCC or email Coach Pam –
Come check out the program- First Class is FREE!

For more information call: (949) 435-3400 ext. 132, or contact Coach Pam directly at



One to one sessions that focus on your individual needs and goals. Suitable for swimmers who can already swim more than 100m.

Sessions are focused on further developing your stroke either after a video analysis session, learn to swim practice or swimmers who would like to get regular stroke tune up work to keep their stroke efficient.  A radio-assisted communication will be used between your coach and you while totally submerged in the water for instant feedback during the stoke corrections process.  Session will Includes technique drills and training advice that will help you improve stroke flaws.

Duration 45 min. – $75.00

Packages of 5 – $375 – $25 Savings  SBR Training Pass Members save 10%!


If you have never swam before or you have difficulty completing 1 to 2 lengths without stopping, then we can help you. The program follows the Swim Smooth’s 10 step Learn to Swim Freestyle Program. It covers a step-by-step process, theory and practical, for learning how to swim freestyle.

Focus Areas:

  • Correct exhalation
  • Effective kick for swimmers and triathletes
  • Good alignment & rotation
  • Proper hand entry
  • Arm recovery
  • Basic catch mechanics

Duration 45 min. – $75
Packages of 5 – $375 – $25 Savings SBR Training Pass Members save 10%!


Swim Smooth Video Analysis is our premium service that is suitable for every level of swimmer. It is a powerful way to understand what is holding you back or why your performance might have plateaued.

Video analysis is suitable if you have just started with your freestyle journey or if you are top of the class. A video can describe more than words!

The session is laid out as follows:

  • Your stroke is filmed in all different angles above and below the water
  • In-depth analysis of your stroke will be recorded so you can always return to your key focus areas.
  • You will be compared with elite/age group/Olympic swimmers to highlight correct technique and to help visualize what efficient stroke should look like.
  • We will go through a set of specific stroke correction drills thorough stroke-correction session with radio-assisted communication between your coach and you while totally submerged in the water that will help you to improve your stroke efficiency according to the analysis.
  • At the end of the session you will get a stroke development plan, and copy of your Video Analysis for future review.

Duration 75 min. –  $175

To register, call or email Coach Pam Nichol @ or 916-213-4815.

REFUNDS NOT AVAILABLE. However, packages are good from 1-year of purchase date.

Read what these swimmers have to say about their own SBR Swim Coaching experience:
“I can’t believe at the age of 49 and not exercising at all I finished an ocean swim triathlon with my 11-year old daughter. I thank you so much for training us so well in such a short amount of time. I can do anything now.. I feel unstoppable.”

Shawn and Helena

“When Coach Pam starting coaching me I could barely swim twelve  yards across the pool and had never done a triathlon.  She taught me to pool swim and feel comfortable in the open water.  Through her positive attitude and keen intuition and knowledge she brought me to 5th place in California in my age group in one year!  Pam Nichol is truly a master coach!”

Marcia Uminski

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Group Training


Thanks all for the support Coach Pam! You promised me you would get me through training injury free and you did!. Six weeks ago, I literally couldn’t run a quarter mile. Trying to do this on my own….well, it may just would not have happened!

Thank you Pam! I very much enjoy you, your professionalism, patience and knowledge. I have learned so much the last few months and look forward to learn much more! You are awesome. Thanks.

Pam, thank you so much for your transition tips. Just two suggestions from you have taken over a minute off my total transition time! I’ve read articles and watched videos on how to improve transition time, but hadn’t seen your two key recommendations anywhere. Thank you!

Thanks Coach Pam for helping my two sons and I make it through our first TRI!! It was an amazing experience and we truly could not have done it without your support, encouragement, and excellent coaching. We are all excited for the next one!!

I can’t believe that at 49 years of age and not exercising at all, I finished an ocean swim triathlon with my 11 year old daughter. I was truly scared to death! I thank you so much for training us so well in such a short time that we both finished. Now I feel like I can do anything, I feel unstoppable!
Kim and Helena

A year ago today I began a triathlon journey with you. Thanks for the 365 days of support, encouragement and inspiration. With deep appreciation.

Coach Pam has helped me immensely to gain the swim skills I needed to be a triathlete. She gave me the confidence and training I needed to progress from a 25yd pool swim to completing a 1,000yd ocean swim in my first OW triathlon in less than 6mo. I feel great about this accomplishment at the age of 53!

This has been an incredible year for me. I can’t believe the personal growth that came from the coaching of one person—-YOU! You have given many of us a new lease on life and for me I found my authentic self thanks to the patience and time you have put into our training.
Darlene March