Head Triathlon Coach – Pam Nichol

Pam Nichol, founder of SBR Coaching located in Orange County, California, has 12 years of experience as USAT Triathlon Coach, receiving her certification in 2005 at the University of Texas in Austin. She continued her education process in 2006 at the USAT USA Triathlon, “Art & Science of Triathlon” in Colorado Springs.

Pam has coached  hundreds of adults and children in both group and individual settings in the three disciplines — swim, bike and run . Her adult and kids group triathlon classes are held at two facilities in Orange County – the Racquet Club of Irvine. She also conducts group and open water swim lessons at various lake and ocean venues in Orange County. Pam has completed over 80 triathlons in the last 20 years, including one Ironman and four Half-Ironman finishes. She is an Olympic distance National qualifier.

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Mike McKinney – Cycling Coach

Mike has been an avid road cyclist for over 20 years. He has competed in over 300 races at the local, state and national levels during that period of time. His participation has included Criteriums, Road Races and Time Trials and is currently recognized as a Cat 3 cyclist by USA Cycling. He currently maintains a USA Triathlon license and has competed in over 20 Triathlons, frequently finishing on the Podium in his age group. He has extensive experience in coaching cyclists, developing efficient cycling techniques, appropriate age-related training for cyclists, race and event preparation, bicycle acquisition, fitting and maintenance.

Linda Kessman – Running Coach
USAT Triathlon and Run Coach, specializing in Trail Running

Linda Kessman has been an endurance athlete for over 20 years. She is a 3x Ironman finisher and has completed in hundreds of races, including marathons, ultra marathons, trail races and all distances of triathlon. She is a 6x Boston Marathon qualifier and is often on the podium or places in the top 10. She coaches High School cross country and track

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Group Training


Thanks all for the support Coach Pam! You promised me you would get me through training injury free and you did!. Six weeks ago, I literally couldn’t run a quarter mile. Trying to do this on my own….well, it may just would not have happened!

Thank you Pam! I very much enjoy you, your professionalism, patience and knowledge. I have learned so much the last few months and look forward to learn much more! You are awesome. Thanks.

Pam, thank you so much for your transition tips. Just two suggestions from you have taken over a minute off my total transition time! I’ve read articles and watched videos on how to improve transition time, but hadn’t seen your two key recommendations anywhere. Thank you!

Thanks Coach Pam for helping my two sons and I make it through our first TRI!! It was an amazing experience and we truly could not have done it without your support, encouragement, and excellent coaching. We are all excited for the next one!!

I can’t believe that at 49 years of age and not exercising at all, I finished an ocean swim triathlon with my 11 year old daughter. I was truly scared to death! I thank you so much for training us so well in such a short time that we both finished. Now I feel like I can do anything, I feel unstoppable!
Kim and Helena

A year ago today I began a triathlon journey with you. Thanks for the 365 days of support, encouragement and inspiration. With deep appreciation.

Coach Pam has helped me immensely to gain the swim skills I needed to be a triathlete. She gave me the confidence and training I needed to progress from a 25yd pool swim to completing a 1,000yd ocean swim in my first OW triathlon in less than 6mo. I feel great about this accomplishment at the age of 53!

This has been an incredible year for me. I can’t believe the personal growth that came from the coaching of one person—-YOU! You have given many of us a new lease on life and for me I found my authentic self thanks to the patience and time you have put into our training.
Darlene March